4 New Books Announced!


As many of you know , and probably attended , Warden had her Cincinnati event yesterday.

Here she announced 4 new books in the BDB and BDL series!

The first one to come is the 4th book in The Black Dagger Legacy : Blood Truth , this will be Boone`s book!

The second one is a Christmas Story called: Where Winter Finds You – A Caldwell Christmas This will contain a part 2 to Trez and Selina`s story.
We will also get to spend the holidays with the Brothers!

The third one is the BDB book Called The Sinner , and will be out in August 2020.
It will be about Syn, Jo Early, Butch and Lassiter.

The fourth one is the fifth book in the BDL series , The Jackal , and is about Rhage`s HALF BROTHER! The dude has been in prison in Canada for a while , so I am really excited to see how this turns out!

Daggers up , if you`re as excited about this as I am!

The BdaggerB

4 thoughts on “4 New Books Announced!

  1. Imagine that I am French and I only have the volumes almost a year after their publication, fortunately you leave lots of comments to help me hold on and imagine all the possible twists and turns, keep going like that!


    1. I know the struggle! I’m Norwegian, and they stopped translating the books after book 9, and not all the stores orders in the English version😭 So glad you find comfort in this blog!🖤

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      1. And it’s rough! I read English but I have to have the dictionary next to it and without taking away the fluidity of the story!


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