The Caldwell Courier Journal: March Issue!


By now I bet all of you have read this month’s issue of the Caldwell Courier Journal news letter?

Wasn’t it amazing ?!

The absolutely heartwarming Valentine’s story about Beth and Wrath, and of little Wrath .

And Vishous and Mary’s relationship advice? I’m still laughing, just thinking about it!

If you signed up AFTER the original release of the news letter( March 5th) you will not receive issue number 1,but every future issue from now on.

But fear not!

All issues will be collected , and here is the link to the first issue!:



I’m must admit, I have been anxiously waiting for this News letter since The Warden announced it.

We will be getting a new Caldwell Courier Journal news letter EVERY MONTH.

All the brothers and their shellans will be in them!

Beth starts the first issue with a story about her and Wraths plans for Valentine’s day, and how it ultimately was,sort of ,a disaster.

They both end up in the bed together hoping for some alone time, but ultimately just falls a sleep out of pure exhaustion .

She slso fed L.W blueberries, which made him sick,and he threw up on her 4 times!

The brothers didn’t like this,as you can obviously see:

The column “Ask a brother” , is definitely my favorite.

This time it was a question for Butch,and if he ever has thought about contacting delacruz again .

And if he does. He tells how heartbroken he is to not be able to tell him of things really are now.

Or maybe V’s Agony Aunt piece?

I can’t even decide. But having Vishous(with the assistance of Mary) give people in I tricky situations ,relationship advice , Is absolutely hilarious!

He gives his advice, in his own trademark kind way: Quite graphic!

Talking about cooking, Fritz will have a monthly receipe, for us all to try !

This month he shares a recipe for a carrot cake!

He was very proud of the fact that he got to protect the cake from Rhage long enough to take a photo of it!

And let’s not forget Lassiter’s horoscope!

Here each star sign gets their horoscope in form of a “Golden Girls ” episode.

Absolutely hilarious!


*all pictures and quotes belong to j.R Ward*

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