J.R Ward LIVESTREAM summary ! (Spoilers)

Oh wow , guys!

Warden just ended her Facebook livestream , and WOW.

So many questions became answered and we got so much new info! :

The savior

Davina comes back

Also, JM gets INDUCTED into the brotherhood !

This book will bring things back to the core warriors and roots of all the males and females

We will see Tohr and Autumn again in this book.

The dhestroyer prophecy comes true , but Butch survives!

Wellsie didn’t want to be reincarnated because of how safe the Fade was, so she and her baby will wait there, for Tohr.

The title of the bdb book for 2020 is THE SINNER. One can tell by the title that it is going to be amazing!

Fritz, our beloved Doggen, will not get his own love story.

Warden also want to do a 4 book series about the vampire penal colony in Alaska.

Rhage has a half brother there, named jackal!

The 3 first BDB books will be released into HARDCOVER!

An insider’s guide prt 2 will come when she has enough material for it!

All novellas will be collected into an physical book!

Books about grown up youngs + there will be more youngsters on the way!

FA characters will cross over to BDB.

Warden want’s to write prequels to every brother . Give us the full origin stories of both the Brothers, the First Brother ( whoms skull’s lies in the tomb), and Wrath’s father, mother and grandfather.

She also wants to write the bittersweet story of how Darius & Beth’s Mother met, how they fell in love with eachother, how Beth came into the making and how Darius and Beth’s mother sadly parted ways.

She said that the coffins in the garage play a material role and we’ll find out at some time.

Apparently Lassiter is GOD.

Manny will most likely NOT be turned into a vampire, anytime soon.

Boone’s story in the BDL book : Blood Truth launches from The Savior, how exciting, right?!

Warden also shared a transcript from The Savior, and of course, it had us all to tears!

We have so much amazing stuff to look forward to!🖤

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