Lover Unbound Review! ( Spoiler free)

The world of the black leather dressed Vampire Brothers with the black daggers.
This is the fifth book in the absolute addictive story line we now know as THE BLACK DAGGER BROTHERHOOD!

If you are thinking about starting this series , I cant even begin to describe what an amazing ride you`re in for. Bring the tissues , You`re gonna need them!

Title: Lover Unbound
Series: The Black Dagger Brotherhood
Genre: Paranormal romance/ Supernatural Suspense.
Published: September 25th, 2007
Author: J.R Ward/Jessica Bird
Publisher: NAL
Edition: 2013 Collectors edition hardcover
Pages: 560
ISBN13: 9780451239952


“The ruthless and brilliant brother Vishous possesses a destructive curse and a frightening ability to see the future. As a member of the Brotherhood, he has no interest in love or emotion, only the battle with the Lessening Society. But when a mortal injury puts him in the care of a human surgeon, Dr. Jane Whitcomb compels him to reveal his inner pain and taste true pleasure for the first time-until a destiny he didn’t choose takes him into a future that does not include her.”


Oh wow. How does one even begin to describe Vishous? PERFECTLY FLAWED.
In this book , we get to meet the brains behind The Brotherhood.
Did I mention he is a legend in both the Vampire and Human BDSM community in Caldwell? He takes no pride in that , but he also dont give much of a damn about anything else than his Brothers and the Mansion`s Butler , Fritz,
That`s until he meets the surgeon , Jane , after he gets into a little accident.
As all the previous Brothers ,Vishous carries A LOT of mental and physical baggage.
His father being the crulest male in Vampire history , and his mother being someone very crucial to the race, his upbringing in this world , has been anything but easy.

This book shows the rock solid foundation between Vishous and Butch , and Vishous road to salvation from himself.

Verdict: 4 out of 5 daggers up!

Song associated with this book: Otep – Special pets

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