Brotherhood Gratitude! ( Free BDB Yule Cards)

Happy thanksgiving to my American BDB Sisters!

Since we do not celebrate Thanksgiving here in Norway , I thought I would mention some of the things I am super grateful for this year!

And let us be honest , This year has been an absolute amazing year for us Brotherhood fans.
Ergo , We have A LOT to be grateful for.

At the start of the year we got the news that we would get a BDB news letter called The Caldwell Journal,that would come out on the first Tuesday in every month. This has been an absolute success and I hope next years letters will be just as awesome! Rumors has it that they will include “Deleted scenes” that are missing from scenes in the books!

Then in January , we got the e-book novella “Prisoner Of Night” ( will be available on paperback on June 30th , 2020). Only to get ” The Savior” in April , The last Book in the Black Dagger Legacy book ” Blood Truth” in August , and now in November we got another novella , this time a physical book , called “Where Winter Finds you”. That is FOUR books in ONE year! I feel so blessed !( Thank you . Lessiter)

As you might know , Warden always do a Facebook live stream on the release day of her books. On the one She held for the Savior back in January , we all got to know the title of the BDB- book of 2020. “THE SINNER”! I almost cried. We finally get to meet Syn! Warden said she might have to put her ever first content warning on this book , cause it is so dark and heavy. it will be out in March .

We also got to meet Syn in “Blood Truth” .Turns out he has a mohawk. a foot long one! * flatlines*

Warden also did a live stream for the release of “Blood Truth”, She broke the news that She had already started on the series that will replace The BDL , called “The Prison Camp Series”!
The first book is called The Jackal , and will be about Rhage`s HALF BROTHER , Jackal! It will be out in August 2020.
Words cannot express how excited I am to get to know the bad boys locked up, somewhere in Canada.
She also mentioned a brand new spin-off series ,called The Wolfen! It will be about the shape shifting werewolves that live in The BDB world , with the Brothers. If they are Friend or Fo , is yet to be discovered!
The first book will be out in December 2020 , and will only be released onto Paperback.

BDB Yule Cards!

Another thing I am very grateful for , is my BDB sisters from ALL OVER the world!
All these amazing Leelans in the Facebook groups and on Instagram , that keeps on filling my feed with BDB related content , all year long. Who also let`s me discuss everything from A to Z ( hey heeey Z) from the BDB world!
You have no idea how much you all mean to me<3

Since it`s almost December , AKA Christmas , Or Yule , as we say here in Norway , it is time for the annual BDB Xmas card swap!
Almost every BDB group is doing it ,and since I do not know everyone`s favorite Brother , I have tried my best to make a e-card with each Brother on it! And I will let it up to YOU to chose which card(s) you want to receive!
Just hold on the card(s) you want , and save it! Voila , MERRY BDB CHRISTMAS,SISTERS MINE!
If you chose to print them out, and take a picture of them ,do tag me in them on Facebook with or on Instagram and I will share your picture!

*They are for personal use only , you can send them to your BDB addicted friends , but do not sell them ,or the design, to anyone. And give credit where needed*


Which card is your favorite?

So until next time , Leelans!

Happy thanksgiving! ❤

Daggers up!

One thought on “Brotherhood Gratitude! ( Free BDB Yule Cards)

  1. This cards are awesome. I’m printing them and putting them all over my home as this Christmass decoration!! My first Christmass as BDB fan. hihi so so happy. Thank you! Cards made me laugh.


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