Brotherhood Gratitude! ( Free BDB Yule Cards)

Happy thanksgiving to my American BDB Sisters!

Since we do not celebrate Thanksgiving here in Norway , I thought I would mention some of the things I am super grateful for this year!

And let us be honest , This year has been an absolute amazing year for us Brotherhood fans.
Ergo , We have A LOT to be grateful for.

At the start of the year we got the news that we would get a BDB news letter called The Caldwell Journal,that would come out on the first Tuesday in every month. This has been an absolute success and I hope next years letters will be just as awesome! Rumors has it that they will include “Deleted scenes” that are missing from scenes in the books!

Then in January , we got the e-book novella “Prisoner Of Night” ( will be available on paperback on June 30th , 2020). Only to get ” The Savior” in April , The last Book in the Black Dagger Legacy book ” Blood Truth” in August , and now in November we got another novella , this time a physical book , called “Where Winter Finds you”. That is FOUR books in ONE year! I feel so blessed !( Thank you . Lessiter)

As you might know , Warden always do a Facebook live stream on the release day of her books. On the one She held for the Savior back in January , we all got to know the title of the BDB- book of 2020. “THE SINNER”! I almost cried. We finally get to meet Syn! Warden said she might have to put her ever first content warning on this book , cause it is so dark and heavy. it will be out in March .

We also got to meet Syn in “Blood Truth” .Turns out he has a mohawk. a foot long one! * flatlines*

Warden also did a live stream for the release of “Blood Truth”, She broke the news that She had already started on the series that will replace The BDL , called “The Prison Camp Series”!
The first book is called The Jackal , and will be about Rhage`s HALF BROTHER , Jackal! It will be out in August 2020.
Words cannot express how excited I am to get to know the bad boys locked up, somewhere in Canada.
She also mentioned a brand new spin-off series ,called The Wolfen! It will be about the shape shifting werewolves that live in The BDB world , with the Brothers. If they are Friend or Fo , is yet to be discovered!
The first book will be out in December 2020 , and will only be released onto Paperback.

BDB Yule Cards!

Another thing I am very grateful for , is my BDB sisters from ALL OVER the world!
All these amazing Leelans in the Facebook groups and on Instagram , that keeps on filling my feed with BDB related content , all year long. Who also let`s me discuss everything from A to Z ( hey heeey Z) from the BDB world!
You have no idea how much you all mean to me<3

Since it`s almost December , AKA Christmas , Or Yule , as we say here in Norway , it is time for the annual BDB Xmas card swap!
Almost every BDB group is doing it ,and since I do not know everyone`s favorite Brother , I have tried my best to make a e-card with each Brother on it! And I will let it up to YOU to chose which card(s) you want to receive!
Just hold on the card(s) you want , and save it! Voila , MERRY BDB CHRISTMAS,SISTERS MINE!
If you chose to print them out, and take a picture of them ,do tag me in them on Facebook with or on Instagram and I will share your picture!

*They are for personal use only , you can send them to your BDB addicted friends , but do not sell them ,or the design, to anyone. And give credit where needed*


Which card is your favorite?

So until next time , Leelans!

Happy thanksgiving! ❤

Daggers up!

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